Chicago police cut crime with analytics and field technology | How states can succeed in the data economy

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Chicago police cut crime with analytics and field technology
Government Technology: Since deploying six Strategic Decision Support Centers across the city, Chicago saw a 21 percent drop in shootings last year. Read more.

How states can succeed in the data economy
StateTech: Data-driven solutions can help states cut costs and focus resources. Read more.

A chief customer experience officer could transform government
Government Executive: The position that has become a key to private sector success should be added to the public sector side. Read more.

Four ways technology is changing the state of cities
StateTech: Mayors are pushing localities toward more progressive tech horizons. Read more.

How the government can get on the road to the self-driving network
FedTech: Government agencies have to remove a few roadblocks to the adoption of autonomous driving cars. Read more.

Cities embrace smart parking to make the best use of space
StateTech: The City of Los Angeles is installing smart parking technology to reduce traffic congestion and make it easier to park. Read more.

How the digital revolution is transforming government
Government Executive: Digital transformation also involves disruption in how problems are tackled, how work is done, and how expectations are met. Read more.

Four steps for implementing collaboration tools within government
StateTech: Communication is key to productivity. Read more.


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