Big data keeps the lights on | How location intelligence drives efficient field operations

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Big data keeps the lights on
ArcNews: Monitoring and maintaining the US power grid depends on real-time geovisualizations, which is why Peak Reliability—the reliability coordinator for the Western Interconnection—is beginning to depend heavily on the ArcGIS platform. Read more.

How location intelligence drives efficient field operations
Field Technologies Online: GIS is the most effective method of using location in field activities. Read more.

Geoenabled systems spur data-driven decisions
GovLoop: An enterprise GIS will be an authoritative source for your organization's geospatial data assets. Read more.

How geospatial analytics, machine learning are used to keep a check on water quality
Geospatial World: Participants in the SAP + Esri Spatial Hackathon worked on ways to automate water quality testing. Read more.

Here's what lies ahead for the citizen service landscape
Nextgov: The Office of American Innovation and other federal agencies are interested in improving the delivery of citizen services using emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence. Read more.

Is Kansas City an H&R Block town?
The Kansas City Star: Esri made and shared an interactive map on ArcGIS Online showing whether taxpayers used H&R Block, TurboTax, or a certified public accountant or other tax professional to file their returns or if they did their taxes on their own. Read more.

Army Corps mobile microgrid app improves power restoration on Puerto Rico
Microgrid Knowledge: Using the collaborative ArcGIS Online platform, GIS analyst Kara Hickey developed an app that enhances the ability of field staff to site, commission, and decommission mobile microgrids as power is restored to Puerto Rico. Read more.

How to bring out full potential of geospatial systems? First change the mindset!
Geospatial World: Regulations and resistance to change in India are holding back the realization of the full potential of geospatial systems. Read more.

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