Esri T3G Institute

July 17-22, 2016 | Redlands, CA

Make a difference in education with GIS

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Welcome to the Esri T3G Institute!

The Teachers Teaching Teachers GIS (T3G) Institute is a professional development event for educators and education influencers who help other educators learn why and how to use GIS. Through modeling, practice, and discussion, the Esri T3G Institute helps participants engage more deeply in the use of GIS within education.

After completing the institute, participants will be able to

  • Engage a variety of GIS technologies and instructional strategies.
  • Help other educators understand how to engage GIS effectively.
  • Apply appropriate GIS skills and tools in thinking critically about real‐world situations and problems.
  • Influence education policy supporting the use of GIS within education.
  • Participate in a supportive community of active, innovative GIS‐using educators.

During the 12 months after the institute, participants will be expected to

  • Make a presentation about GIS in education at a national, regional, state, or local conference.
  • Conduct at least one hands-on training event on GIS.
  • Participate visibly in the Esri web communities.

The T3G Institute is staffed by Esri personnel and renowned outside educators, creating a squad with decades of collective experience in helping formal and informal educators learn how to teach with GIS in a wide array of settings.