Esri Business Summit

July 9-11, 2017 |  San Diego Hilton Bayfront Hotel

Location Analytics Track

Sunday, July 7

We'll help you dive deep into location analytics. This is the event to learn how to apply location analytics  across all your patterns of business. Find out how Esri helps you perform better business analytics – through location.

1:30–3:00: "Maps as the platform for Collaboration"

Mark Smith - Ventana Research

Chris Ovens - Esri

Isn't it time to break down technological, cultural and workflow silos? Join business leaders and innovators as we take a deep dive into location analytics. You'll leave with a game plan for turning your business information into actionable intelligence by understanding the "where" in your data. Learn how interactive mapping can be the means for cross-departmental as well as cross-system collaboration. Find out how Esri helps you perform better business analytics – through location.

3:00–3:30: Break

3:30–4:10: "Busting GIS out of the box"

Shawn Hanna - Petco

Patrick O'Hagan - Starbucks

Mark Smith - Ventana Research

The company organization chart and ownership of data silos are major hurdles you have to face when planning how to use location data across your enterprise. Hear from companies that have been successful in navigating these challenges and find solutions for breaking down your own barriers.

4:10–4:20: Manhattan Software

Manhattan Software will explain how big data and location analytics is going to change the way professionals make decisions on their property portfolios. Manhattan integrates real estate and facility management data with the ArcGIS platform, providing visualization and relevant data for real estate portfolio analysis including use, occupancy, and cost of a corporation’s built locations.

4:20–4:35: "A Study of Where"

Mark LeVeque - Aon

Understanding risk often requires an understanding of location. Visualizing and querying data within the context of "where" provides powerful new insights. Learn how new ways of reporting and interacting with data has impacted decisions and workflows for Aon clients.

4:35–4:50: "Creating Power Products from Data"

Paul Raymond - Accuweather

Businesses are wrestling with how to curate vast data collections for use and analysis. But is it really worth it? What is the value and how can organizations benefit from historic data, information on-demand and real-time analytics? And with so many reporting structures and different models, how do you decide which is best for you?

Accuweather discusses the implications using weather information as a predictor.

4:50–5:00:: Close