Esri Developer Summit, Washington, DC

The DevSummit
arrives in D.C.

February 11, 2015 | Washington, DC

Welcome to Developer City

You create. You innovate. Now you can locate.

Esri is bringing a world of development to you. Whether you are looking to add a new platform to your arsenal or seeking to fine-tune your skills, the DevSummit DC is the place to get a crash course on the latest in GIS, mapping API’s, geo features and location analytics technology from desktop to runtime.

Are you creating solutions to support in-house users? A startup looking to geo-enable your tools? Somewhere in between? This is the place to start. Here is what we are offering in Developer City:


Join select Esri development staff, other software gurus, content providers and generally cool people and plan on spending the day taking a deep dive into location-based technology.

A Crash Course

Consider this your Geogeek Cliff Notes for the Esri DevSummit in Palm Springs– a week long event attended by 1500+ developers.


This isn’t your manager’s plenary. Roll up your sleeves, because we are going to dive right into what makes the Esri Location Platform tick, and how you can harness the power of geo-awesomeness.

Radical Round Robin

We’ve got amazing tech workshops that will give you an even earlier peek into the latest in Esri technology and get you coding quicker than ever.