Esri Developer Summit Europe

Keynote Session

Monday 11 November   14:00 - 15:00

Meet Your Keynote Speaker: Amber Case

There are few people more in tune with the advances and possibilities of location in mobile technology than Amber Case. 

Since their emergence, Case has known there was more that smartphones should be able to do automatically for their humans based on their location, without having to push a button.

In 2010, she cofounded a company that gave mobile app developers the power to easily add location intelligence to their apps. With the technology, developers could also make their app more “ambient” and “calm” through the application of geofences that do something helpful or interesting for users when they enter, dwell, or leave locations defined in the app.

Esri acquired that company in 2012, and it’s now the Esri R&D Center in Portland, Oregon, where Case is the director. Her team members have improved on their previous technology, and the ArcGIS Geotrigger™ service is now a powerful addition to the ArcGIS platform for developers. Case and her team are working on the future of location technologies and shaping how developers can use it more easily and effectively in their apps.

In Amber Case’s keynote presentation at the Esri DevSummit Europe, she’ll talk about the future of real-time location for mobile devices and why developers should think about making their apps "ambient" and require less user interaction. She’ll also talk about the work her team is doing to that end, from the new ArcGIS Geotrigger service to MapAttack, a real-time, location-based game for iPhone and Android.


Amber Case is director of the Esri R&D Center in Portland, Oregon, where she works on the future of location-based technology and maps. Previously, she co-founded Geoloqi, Inc., which was acquired by Esri in 2012.

Case has spoken at TED on technology and humans and was featured by Fast Company 2010 on its Most Influential Women in Technology list. She worked with Fortune 500 companies at Wieden+Kennedy and on major applications at Vertigo Software. In 2012, she was named one of National Geographic's Emerging Explorers and made Inc. magazine’s 30 Under 30 list with Esri R&D Center CTO Aaron Parecki. She is @caseorganic on Twitter.