Esri Developer Summit

Introduction to JavaScript


This training teaches the fundamentals of JavaScript programming, including the use of the core JavaScript objects and the syntax of the language.

Training Outline

What do I need to bring?

Students must bring a laptop containing a recent version of Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. Your machine must also contain a local web server. If you don't have one, no problem —open-source web server software will be provided during the class. Unfortunately for this course, loaner or classroom machines are NOT provided or available. You must bring your own.

Why do I need this class?

Javascript is a fundamental way to embed maps and tasks in web apps. Completing this course will give you enough information to get you started, including documentation and samples. You'll be ready to get all the information you need out of the more technical sessions related to JavaScript offered during the DevSummit. You will also gain the knowledge and skills necessary to participate and contribute to Esri open-source projects related to JavaScript on GitHub.


This course assumes no prior experience with JavaScript, but all attendees must have extensive hands-on experience with HTML, including layout text and building forms. Prior scripting and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) experience is strongly recommended.


Eric Ladd is an experienced Web developer based in the Washington, DC area.  He supports the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims with its intranet and external sites and also maintains and enhances Marriott International’s MarketingDirect system, a Web-based project management application that connects Marriott marketing managers with supporting vendors nationwide.

In addition to his development work, Eric conducts on-site developer workshops with a particular focus on JavaScript, jQuery, and HTML5.  He is the author of Accelebrate’s jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile courses and has been fortunate to deliver those courses for clients throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Eric is an individual member of The jQuery Foundation and has made contributions to the jQuery Learning Center site at