Esri Developer Summit

March 7-10, 2017  |  Palm Springs, California


We expect DevSummit 2016 to be the biggest best one yet. The ArcGIS platform and its tools and capabilities for developers are larger and more powerful than ever before. DevSummit is a great time for product developers and engineers at Esri to stop their work for a week and meet with you, demonstrate everything new that they built that you can use today, and give you the best “Road Ahead” previews for you as you plan your projects for the next year or two.

In addition to all the typical DevSummit activities, things like Speedgeeking, Lightning Talks, and of course our highly competitive world-famous Dodgeball tournament, the highlight of DevSummit is always the 200+ technical workshops that you can attend in order to see, learn, and put into your hands the latest GIS technology and developer tools from Esri. Here is a highlight of the Top 20:

  1. Latest Innovations from Esri’s Application Prototype Lab
  2. Vector Tiles in the ArcGIS Platform
  3. Building ArcGIS Apps for Apple Watch
  4. Developing cross-platform native apps with AppStudio for ArcGIS (basic and advanced sessions)
  5. Building Web Editing Applications
  6. Accessing Your Enterprise Geodatabase using SQL and Python
  7. ArcGIS API for JavaScript: Discovering v4.0, the Next Generation
  8. Real-time GIS and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  9. Koop: Using 3rd-party Services within the ArcGIS Platform
  10. Developing with ArcGIS Open Data
  11. Optimizing Your JavaScript App for Performance
  12. Go Mobile with Xamarin, C#, and Visual Studio
  13. Using TypeScript for Developing Web Applications with ArcGIS
  14. QML and JavaScript for Native App Development
  15. Using Frameworks with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript
  16. Deep Dive into How the Geometry Engine Can Help You Build Better Apps
  17. Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS: Development Tools and Techniques
  18. Overview of the ArcGIS Runtime Quartz API
  19. Getting Started with the ArcGIS REST API and NodeJS
  20. EmberJS: Using it with ArcGIS API for JavaScript

We hope you’re just as excited and looking forward to another successful DevSummit as we are. See you there!