2018 Esri Developer Summit

March 6-9 | Palm Springs Convention Center | Palm Springs, CA

Hotel Accommodations
How do you get exclusive discounted hotel rates?
First, you need to register for the conference.
Upon registering, you will receive a unique reservation link at the end of your registration confirmation email. This link will allow you to access hotel rate information and book your reservation at an available hotel. Please note that reservations may only be made via your unique link and will not be accepted over the phone.
After January 4, 2018, if you cancel a reservation that you have booked through the Esri Housing Bureau, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $100.
Esri reserves the right to cancel reservations if the requester is not yet registered for the conference.
To receive discounted rates on rental cars, use the discount code below.
Hertz Car Rental
1-405-749-4434 (other)
Discount Code: CV#016S0020
A quick word of caution: beware of non–Esri solicitors
Unauthorized housing providers claiming to be associated with Esri may contact you to solicit "special offers" hotel reservations and/or request non–refundable deposits via email, phone, or fax. Please note that the Esri Housing Bureau is the only authorized housing provider for the Esri Partner Conference and has partnered with local hotels to provide exclusive discounted rates for attendees. If you have received unauthorized solicitations or have any concerns, contact us at esripalmspringshotelres@esri.com.