July 10 | Hilton San Diego Bayfront | San Diego, California
Expand Your Reach – Enable the Mission
With the advancement of web-GIS capabilities the need for fully integrated Intelligence, Operations, and Business data has grown increasingly important. The results break down long standing barriers, increased cross-agency and cross-service collaboration and improved support to decision-makers at all levels. Join us at the Defense and Intelligence Forum to see how today’s geospatial technology can enable true situational awareness and understanding in even the most complex environments. The Defense and Intelligence community has enhanced multi-network access to authoritative information and finished analysis at various points of need. Applications developed to take advantage of the Web-GIS environment are improving workflows and producing near-real time actionable information. The ability to quickly integrate disparate data has shorten the analytic cycle and is opening the power of geographic analysis and mapping to the entire community. Breaking down barriers to discovery, access, and utilization of available information and you enable your organization to directly impact the mission of your organization and the community at large.
The Defense and Intelligence Forum is designed to provide valuable information and networking opportunities to personnel of all levels within Defense and Intelligence organizations. Whether you are an executive, commander, analyst, or GIS specialist the Forum will increase your awareness of the latest advancements in ArcGIS and the great work being done throughout the community to advance our craft.
About the Defense and Intelligence Forum
The Esri Defense and Intelligence Forum (formerly the Defense and Intelligence Executive Track or DIET) is a focused event designed to expose Defense and Intelligence professionals to the latest advancements in GIS and how Esri’s users are advancing our craft. The forum provides a great opportunity to reconnect with colleagues, exchange ideas, and improve operations through the use of GIS.
The Esri International User Conference is the largest gathering of geospatial professionals in the world. Each year, Defense and Intelligence users of all levels gather to reconnect with old friends and see the latest advancements in our craft. The Defense and Intelligence Forum provides the opportunity to participate in a focused agenda designed to provide the most relevant information to our Defense and Intelligence users.
July 10, 2018, Hilton Bayfront Hotel