Esri Electric and Gas GIS Conference

Call for Presentations - Track Descriptions

Supporting Utility Business and KPIs

All utilities have key performance indicators (KPIs) used to measure reliability, customer satisfaction, service quality, employee safety, and more. How is GIS helping you measure, track, or report these essential metrics?

Location Analytics, Big Data, and Smart Grid

Smart grid deployments are giving utilities access to a wealth of new information. GIS helps turn this new information into actionable intelligence. How are you analyzing and sharing insights from big data using spatial analytics or location analytics GIS tools?

GIS Everywhere!

The lines between remote and office workers are blurring. Workers now need and expect to have the information they need whenever they need it, wherever they are. With the advancement of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops and updates made to the ArcGIS platform, it is easier than ever to access critical information anywhere, anytime, and from any device. How are you implementing mobile solutions?

Situational Awareness

In the last year alone, utilities across the country have dealt with one of the worst hurricanes on record, a damaging tornado season, floods, snowstorms, and other disasters that have wreaked havoc on networks. GIS was there helping people map the problems and formulate a response. How do you use GIS to coordinate with foreign crews, remote workers, customers, media, emergency agencies, regulators, and more?

Transmission Trends

More and more transmission companies are using GIS to improve operations. How is GIS helping you with transmission vegetation management, lidar analysis, environmental assessment on new construction, right-of-way management, and more?

Interesting Implementations

Some utilities have developed interesting solutions and implementation stories. How are you dealing with issues facing your community, such as version lock, back-end architecture, change management, deploying on the cloud, and planning for the future of your GIS deployments?