NOV 1 - 2 | London, United Kingdom at etc venues St. Paul's
Story Maps Competition
Who doesn't like a friendly competition? Show off your story map skills and help illustrate how Esri technology is used in the European petroleum region. The best story map will be featured in the opening plenary session! All the story maps will be featured during the summit for attendees to discover, learn and enjoy!
Story maps combine intelligent web maps with web applications and templates that incorporate text, multimedia, and interactive functions. Story maps inform, educate, entertain, and inspire people about a wide variety of topics.
Story Map Submission Inclusions:
    Title of the Story Map
    Primary Contact
    Phone number
    Esri products used (license level and extensions)
    Brief description of map (20 words max)

    Maps that do not meet these guidelines will not be displayed at the conference.
    Submit a Story Map