Esri European User Conference

October 13–15, 2014

Split, Croatia
Hotel Le Méridien Lav

Featured Speakers

Piotr Malinowski

Head of Service Development
Frontex Situation Centre

Piotr Malinowski has over 18 years of experience in the area of service development and information management in the military and public domain.

Initially with Polish Armed Forces in 2001, he joined North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Joint Forces Command Headquarters (Netherlands) and, later, continued on various positions at NATO's Allied Command Transformation (USA) and Joint Warfare Centre (Norway), specializing in the development and implementation of various information exchange capabilities.

In 2010, Malinowski joined Frontex Situation Centre, taking responsibility for the development of services related to information exchange and situational awareness in support of operational activities (including development of GIS capabilities).

Malinowski has a master's degree from University of Maryland.

Malinowski has two kids, and his weekends are fully occupied with the following priorities: soccer, snowboarding (wintertime), and sailing.

October 13–15, 2014

Split, Croatia
Hotel Le Méridien Lav

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