Green Meeting

Esri European User Conference Is Targeting Certification According to Austrian Eco Label "Green Meeting"


Green Meeting

Any conference involves a lot of logistics, travel, materials that are not eco-friendly, basically. But it can still offer the chance to minimize the carbon footprint and be aware.  We will try our best to do that and invite you as participants to join in! Please see what we will do and how you can get active!


Green Location

Salzburg Congress is a registered "green location" as to energy consumption and environmentally friendly materials and procedures and it’s very well connected to the public transportation network so it’s easily reachable from your hotel.


Travel Green

Travel to Salzburg is eco-friendly by train (the “Deutsche Bahn” and the “ÖBB”) . The local public transportation system offers a continuous and direct connection with emission-free city buses from the city center, the train station and the airport to the conference venue.

Find more details here:


What You Can Do:


Stay Green

Many hotels and guest houses are located near our venue. Check out our special offers [link to ] as well as compare the indicated distances to the Congress. Most hotels we have on our the short list are in walking distance!


Act Green

We will print on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, limit whatever materials you receive, build an eco-friendly exhibition, recycle, provide (wherever possible) regional food and beverages and compensate for our staff [see above].

What You Can Do:

  • Use digital information where possible, such as Online app, don’t print flyers/folders if it’s not necessary.
  • Help us minimize waste, and return whatever you do not need to us for proper recycling, like your badge at the end of the congress!
  • And again: Compare your CO2-footprint for different modes of travel, plane, car, or train with Eco Passenger [link to].

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