Dear EUC Visitors,


As we are sure, you are aware of the refugee crisis we are facing here in Europe in general and in Austria/Salzburg and Southern Germany in particular since many of the refugees want to enter Germany via this “gateway”.


As a consequence, to have better control of the arriving refugees, the train service between Salzburg and Munich has been limited for quite a while now. What actually happens is that all trains end at the border from both sides – the connection is made via shuttle buses. This (as of today) will continue till at least 12th of October).


What does that mean for you?
    If you fly into Salzburg airport – nothing

-        If you fly into Munich airport and want to connect to Salzburg by train or come by train from any other northern destination, you will have to manage an additional “transfer”:

Trains from Munich will bring you to the train station of “Freilassing” – right across the border from Salzburg. From there, every hour (at x:45) there is a shuttle bus to Salzburg main station (about 10 km. away). Your trip will be slightly longer. Please understand: this is an extraordinary situation with many thousands of desperate people looking for what we all have: safety and well-being.


The German railway has updated information in English at:


There are and have always been optional (van based) Shuttle transfer options: Salzburg Mietwagen Service

The transfer one way is 61 Euro; both ways 103 Euro per person.


We are sorry for this “obstacle” on your way to Salzburg. We still hope your journey will be safe and as short as possible.


Your EUC Team