Los Angeles

October 28, 2013  |  JW Marriott Los Angeles LA LIVE  |  #EsriLocate

Where Better Analytics Await

Your city is the perfect location. That's why we are bringing the Esri Location Analytics special event to your front door. Get an inside look at how and why business leaders are putting location into their analytics and discover smart solutions to execute your own strategy. In this era of big data, you can grow your ROI even further with greater precision in your analytics and intelligence.

See what's next, connect with peers, and walk away inspired.

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Agenda: Monday, October 28
9:00 AM


Kevin Jaskowiak — Esri

9:15 AM

Esri Keynote Speaker

Location Analytics is changing the way people understand and interact with their data. Esri president Jack Dangermond explains how spatial visualization unlocks an organization's data and helps them get instant insights into what's going on, where.

Jack Dangermond — Esri

9:45 AM

Location Analytics and Business

With more data available to businesses than ever before, the ability to uncover actionable information is key to remaining competitive. Esri's Chris Ovens stresses the need for organizations to develop a comprehensive location strategy that transforms the way they think about and run their business. By seeing new patterns in existing data, organizations can make better business decisions faster than ever before and tackle new opportunities they never knew existed.

Chris Ovens — Esri

10:30 AM

Morning Break

10:45 AM

American Futures – A Media Perspective on Location in Business

Kai Ryssdal will be discussing the joint feature between American Public Media’s Marketplace, The Atlantic, and Esri in which The Atlantic national correspondent James Fallows takes readers and listeners on the classic American road trip in a small airplane. Ryssdal will share current observations from American Futures and stories of how businesses are incorporating greater knowledge of location into their current practices.

Kai Ryssdal — APM Marketplace

11:45 AM

Lunch Break

1:15 PM

Interactive Discussion

Take a deep dive into location and see how it extends your capabilities across enterprise systems to enable better and faster decisions. Esri's Linda Hecht showcases plug-in solutions that will transform the way you work.

Linda Hecht — Esri

2:00 PM

Elevating Business Research

Location provides a platform that brings together business innovations such as analytics, big data, and cloud computing. Mark Smith of Ventana Research illustrates the power of geographic analysis in business research and outlines where location can elevate business to the next level.

Mark Smith — Ventana Research

2:50 PM

Afternoon Break

3:10 PM

The Evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate philanthropy is increasingly driven by data. thrdPlace co-founder Mike Colosimo discusses the history of corporate social responsibility and how companies are adapting to market demands with data-driven strategies. Find out how location-based data allows companies to better engage communities and boost loyalty among employees and consumers alike.

Mike Colosimo — thrdPlace

3:30 PM

Better Healthcare by Location – Examining digital data

Better outcomes don't just mean a stronger bottom line. Dr. Dora Barilla from Loma Linda University Health explores the social determinants of health and examines how electronic health records and retail environment data converge to bring greater understanding to health outcomes.

Dora Barilla — Loma Linda Health

4:15 PM

Panel Discussion

Location's true potential is still largely untapped. Experience a thought-provoking roundtable about the future of location analytics and strategies for overcoming technical and organizational roadblocks.

Dora Barilla — Loma Linda Health
Linda Hecht — Esri
Chris Ovens — Esri
Mark Smith — Ventana Research
Mike Colosimo — thrdPlace

5:00 PM

Networking Reception