Esri Federal GIS Conference

About the Conference

The Esri Federal GIS Conference is where government executives, elected officials, managers, GIS professionals, and NGOs come together to share ideas, discover new patterns, and learn how GIS can help us all understand our world and make a difference.

As a local training opportunity in Washington, DC, the Federal GIS Conference is uniquely positioned to meet the professional development needs of federal users while minimizing travel expenses. Whether you’re new to the GIS community or you’re looking for resources and guidance to advance your geospatial projects, the Federal GIS Conference is a great place to grow your knowledge and professional skills.

What You’ll Experience

Esri technology helps virtually every federal agency meet its missions, from providing health care and emergency services to managing facilities and natural resources. As the largest known geospatial technology event for federal agencies, the Federal GIS Conference brings together over 3,000 attendees for two days of intensive training and networking.

The conference focuses on taking a geographic approach to decision making, so you're able to

  • Base decisions on reliable, more complete information.
  • Clearly identify issues and respond intelligently.
  • Foster innovation and collaboration through operations.
  • See the bigger picture, visualizing patterns and trends.
  • Share information with colleagues, other organizations, and the public