FedGIS 2017

February 13-14, 2017 | Walter E. Washington Convention Ctr

Esri Showcase

Get all your questions answered in the GIS Solutions Expo. We will guide you through focus areas that correspond with Immersion Summit topics, such as defense and intelligence, natural resource management, and policy making, so you can easily find the subject matter experts to whom you’d like to talk. These areas in the expo make it easy to follow up with speakers and experts from the summits you attend. You’ll also find a host of partner solutions and tech-specific areas with Esri staff ready to answer your questions.

Throughout the conference, you’ll find many opportunities to connect with government executives, elected officials, managers, GIS professionals, and staff from nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Share ideas, discover new trends, and learn how GIS can help us all understand our world and make a difference.

Explore our Esri Neighborhoods:

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Customer Service

Your Federal Customer Service Team lead and Manager would like to meet you. We will help you review your account, give you a demo of MyEsri and share tips and tricks for managing your account and reporting on licensing and usage. Questions regarding your ArcGIS Online Subscription or Orders? We can help you with that too.

Defense and Intelligence Neighborhood

Meet with Esri staff to learn about innovative solutions for defense and intelligence. Members of Esri technical, professional services, and training teams will be available to show you how you can take advantage of industry trends and the latest technology including high-performance 2D and 3D mapping and analysis in desktop, server, mobile and hosted environments.

Bring your questions, and see how you can make the most of ArcGIS for managing, analyzing and sharing data and products. Our teams look forward to talking with you about solving problems and using GIS to make more informed decisions.

In this neighborhood you’ll find information on topics including:

  • Intelligence Fusion
  • Intelligence Reporting and Production
  • Imagery Management and Analysis
  • Geospatial Application Development
  • Collaboration and Sharing
  • Content Management
Esri Startup Zone (SUZ)

The Esri Startup Zone (SUZ) is a unique area hosted by the Esri Startup Program, featuring the work of emerging businesses working in emerging markets. These companies have integrated ArcGIS within their products to improve workflows, deliver better services, and meet current mandates. You can benefit from their knowledge and experience as you interact with CEO’s, technical leads, developers, and a wide range of specialists who will present their innovative solutions and showcase their many projects. Join this passionate community and learn how they are leveraging GIS for their business and how it can benefit you.

Fraud, Waste, & Abuse Neighborhood

Join us in this exciting neighborhood to discuss an issue of critical importance – minimizing fraud, waste and abuse. Esri industry, technical, and professional services experts will be available to discuss how government agencies can use the Esri geospatial technology—maps, analysis tools, and geoenrichment—to conduct predictive analysis and detect anomalies that will aid in reducing money lost each year.

Bring your questions and explore new solutions that will help your organization develop effective workflows, evaluate activities, identify areas of need and collaborate with other organizations.

Hands-On Learning Lab

What is the Hands-On Learning Lab?

The HOLL (Hands-On Learning Lab) is a training resource provided and developed by Esri Training Services. The lab is an excellent way to introduce ArcGIS® software users to a variety of Esri® solutions and training opportunities while learning to use Esri software.

How does the HOLL work?

The HOLL consists of a group of laptops with headphones where students can work through lessons at their own pace. A lesson consists of a recorded presentation followed by a hands-on exercise. Each lesson typically takes from about 45 minutes to one hour to complete, and students can generally come and go as they please. Training Services instructors are on hand to answer questions and discuss Esri products, other training opportunities, and Esri Technical Certification.

Land and Natural Resources / Earth and Social Sciences Neighborhood

Meet with your extended Esri team to get answers to all of your questions about using the ArcGIS platform for Land and Natural Resources as well as Earth and Social Sciences.

Esri experts from professional services, training, and managed cloud services will be available to talk about the challenges your organization faces and guide you with options that are right for you. Whether you are discovering new solutions to support your modernization efforts or Cloud First mandates, to being inspired with new capabilities and toolkits ArcGIS Platform offers. Walk through options that will answer questions you have.

Get your answers to:

  • Reliable solutions for field data collection in both disconnected and connected environments
  • Analysis of various scientific formats including multidimensional data – experience the Scientific toolkit and how COTs tools are advancing scientific work
  • Leveraging imagery for critical decision making – you’ve got access to imagery. Now what?
  • Communicate outcomes – what story do you want to tell? Be inspired and engage your audience.
  • Education – what is available to me
  • Deployment options that are right for me and my organization. Be guided through options you should consider and variables you should be aware of.

Learn and be inspired. We are here to help.

Mapping, Statistics and Imagery Neighborhood

Join your industry peers and Esri experts in the Mapping, Statistics, and Imagery Neighborhood to get answers to your questions about using the ArcGIS Platform to support national priorities. Members of Esri’s technical, training, and professional services teams look forward to discussing innovative ways you can use foundational information to support better, evidence-based decision making for our nations.

National mapping, statistics, imagery, maritime charting & bathymetry provide the base data and services required to address the pressing issues of our day. Stop by to see secure, efficient and interoperable solutions for modernizing your organization.

Platform Enablement

Do you want to enable the platform in your organization but have some questions? Whether your goal is an initial operating capability or a more integrated enterprise system, head over to the Platform Enablement are of the Showcase to discuss your needs. Our expert advisors, consultants and support analysts have worked with thousands of users on topics ranging from system architecture to security, from cloud deployment to workforce development, from technical support to platform configuration. They are eager to brainstorm creative approaches to help you achieve your targeted platform objectives.

Public Policy Neighborhood

Meet with Esri staff from technical, training, and professional services teams to see the innovative ways policy makers use GIS to understand complex issues and communicate effectively with citizens.

Explore how political, policy, and communications professionals use the ArcGIS Platform to access authoritative data and maps from executive agencies as well as state and local governments; map their own data; and share information online, either privately within an organization’s group, or with the public.

Bring your questions and find out how Esri’s open, cloud-based tools integrate with a policy and communications staffer’s existing tool kit, and provides an effective way to inform, prioritize, and communicate decisions impacting constituents.

Topics that will be discussed in the neighborhood include:

  • Creating photo tours and other Story Maps
  • Mapping constituent correspondence
  • Sharing interactive maps on a website
  • Accessing authoritative content
  • Creating maps from spreadsheets

Visit the product island area to talk to Esri product specialists and get a closer look at ArcGIS technology. Find out what Web GIS is all about and how it can meet your needs. Discuss how you can set up an ArcGIS Open Data portal to support citizen engagement. Get the latest ArcGIS Pro demo and see what’s new. Watch ArcGIS Earth in action and get all your questions answered. Talk to Story Map experts to learn how you can tell more compelling stories.

Safety and Security Neighborhood

In this neighborhood you will find Esri’s technical, training, and professional services experts in one place. Stop by to find out how you can use the latest innovations in the ArcGIS Platform to support critical safety and security issues. Esri is transforming how organizations solve problems and make informed decisions.

Esri staff look forward to answering your questions and showing you new solutions in areas such as:

  • Special Event Security including pre-planning, operationalizing special event plans, post plan analysis and after action review, real-time sensor integration, and public information reporting.
  • 21st Century Policing Open Data Initiative including ArcGIS Open Data, analyzing police use of force, government collaboration, and transparency and accountability.
  • Emergency Management / Real Time Situational Awareness including focused maps and apps to support real-time analysis and collaboration for disaster preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation.
  • Intelligence and Social Media Analysis including how social media analysis enables intelligence led policing, identifying threat streams, crime and intelligence analysis dashboards, and identifying at risk populations.
UAS Zone

“Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are fast changing the information landscape with the possibility of being the most highly disruptive technology since the cell phone. As true robots tasked by their human controllers, they are suitable for all types of applications that would otherwise be too difficult or expensive to accomplish by any other means. But whether they are used to measure crop yields, find contaminated wastes in a brown field, or inspect bridges and other infrastructure, the one thing that binds all UAS applications together is geography. Working in the spatial domain is what they do, both navigating and collecting information with photos and video; essentially capturing our world at both the macro and micro level.

The UAS Neighborhood at FedGIS is your place to discover how Esri’s ArcGIS platform makes the best use of UAS technology and the imagery they collect. ArcGIS combines the power of UAS with the power of GIS to transform remotely sensed content into actionable information.”

Young Professionals Network

Take your GIS career to the next level. Visit the Young Professionals Network neighborhood to learn about this exciting community. Discover strategies for career growth and professional success. Grow your network of innovative and tech-savvy contacts. Develop and use leadership skills that raise your profile. You will also learn more about the power of location technology, connect with like-minded peers and industry experts, and gain leadership experience that can advance your career.