Esri Federal GIS Conference


Map Gallery Submissions

Put your work on display as a poster in the map gallery.

Online Submission Guidelines:

Use the online form to submit your map gallery map by January 15th, and Esri will print your poster for you. Maps submitted online must meet the following criteria:

  • Landscape Orientation—36" width x 24" height
  • Portrait Orientation—24" width x 36" height
  • File size limit of 19 MB
  • Must be in .pdf format only (Include all fonts or convert to outlines.)

Include this information with you map submission:

  • Title of map
  • Author(s)
  • Organization
  • Esri products used (license level and extensions)
  • Brief description of map (20 words maximum)

Remember to claim your poster when the Map Gallery closes; otherwise, the convention center will discard it.