Esri FedGIS Conference
February 13-14, 2017 | Walter E. Washington Convention Center | Washington, DC
Your Maps Deserve an Audience
Thank you to all those that participated in this year's Map Gallery and inaugural Digital Map and App Gallery. Maps are the heart of FedGIS and there is still time to submit yours in next year's Mapping the Nation Book. Contribute to a map book that inspires your peers and gets your work the recognition it deserves
The deadline for submissions to the 2017 print and digital web map book has passed.
Include this information with your map submission:
  • Include this information
  • Title of map
  • Author(s)
  • Primary contact
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Organization
  • Esri products used (license level and extensions)
  • Brief description of map (20 words maximum)
Submission Guidelines:
  • Landscape Orientation—36" width x 24" height
  • Portrait Orientation—24" width x 36" height
  • File size limit of 19 MB
  • Must be in .pdf format only (Include all fonts or convert to outlines.)
Be sure to answer these questions:
  • What problem is being addressed in the map?
  • What solution is derived from the map?
  • What benefit to your company/organization comes from utilizing this map or data?
  • Maps that do not meet these guidelines will not be displayed at the conference.