GeoDesign Summit
Geodesigning the Future
With the addition of the world’s eight billionth inhabitant projected to arrive within the next decade, we face a myriad of global challenges like never before. Chief among them will be striking a sustainable balance between our planets natural and built systems and their inhabitants. Join thought leaders, innovators, and other visionaries in seeing firsthand how they are leveraging geodesign and technology to confront these challenges head-on and plan for our future.
While this year’s gathering represents the 10th anniversary of the Geodesign Summit, it is forward focused, showcasing the minds, methods, and Esri GIS technology that will be essential for revolutionizing your work.
Interactive Design
Smarter Decisions

Geodesign has been leveraged by
planning, design, and other professionals to:

  • Develop carbon neutral cities in Abu Dhabi and sustainable cities in Singapore.
  • Revitalize community parks in San Diego California and neighborhoods in Detroit Michigan.
  • Optimize transportation planning in Honolulu Hawaii and improve livability and access in southwest Idaho.
  • Build 3D base maps in Miami Dade County Florida and redevelopment visualization in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.
  • Mashup facilities technologies to design new buildings in Zurich Switzerland and urban areas in Tokyo Japan.
  • Foster regional planning among coastal communities in Georgia and evaluate development trade-offs in Florida.
  • Improve chimpanzee conservation in Gombe Tanzania and wildlife corridor design in Tucson Arizona.

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