July 8-11, 2017 | San Diego, California
About the Imaging and Mapping Forum
Explore how geographic information system (GIS) technology enables 2D GIS with remote sensing in a multidimensional world. The Esri Imaging and Mapping Forum is an ideal place to collaborate and get updated on all things 3D GIS and more for organization in both tactical and strategic decision making by “Empowering 3D GIS with Remotely Sensed Content.”
Why Attend? Learn how to….
  • Manage massive collections of Lidar, Imagery, and 3D data
  • Integrate Lidar, Imagery, and 3D into your data production and advanced design processes
  • Reduce data duplication and manage your 3D information efficiently
  • Automate manual tasks and save time by working with the ArcGIS platform
  • Visualize and analyze large surface and point cloud data sets
  • Quickly share your 3D products using WebGL and Esri Cloud Technology (Public/Private)
Who Should Attend? Users from the following with all levels of GIS experience including:
  • Gaming and Entertainment
  • Flood and Risk Management
  • National Mapping & Survey
  • Real estate/banking/mortgage/insurance
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Defense Forces
  • Space & Aeronautics
  • Sciences/Environment
  • Natural Resources