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nss speaker

Ravi Shankar Santhana Gopala Krishnan

Technical Officer, World Health Organization

Ravi Shankar works for the global polio eradication initiative as a GIS & Mapping expert. He also supports the ongoing health emergencies of Zika and Yellow fever. Previously he was involved in the Ebola response where he played a key role in the creation of a Global Mapping platform for WHO to portray the situational update of the outbreak. For the Global Polio Eradication Initiative he was involved in preparing global updates, maps for operational planning, maps for places with accessibility issues and Global polio administrative boundaries project.

Before joining WHO as an GIS Analyst in UNOSAT he was involved in Emergency Response mapping, situational awareness, Capacity building & training. He also designed a Master's level Course on GIS for the Disaster Management Degree Programme in Copenhagen University. The Haiti Earthquake, the Thailand floods, the Syrian Crisis, Libyan War are few of the projects he worked. He started his career as an Architect-Urban Planner involved in the creation of master plan of Libya and Port Blair.