Esri's National GIS Executive Forum

June 25 - July 1, 2016 | Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel


Colin Bray

Colin Bray

Colin Bray is Chief Executive and Chief Survey Officer of Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi), Ireland’s national mapping agency. Colin has worked with OSi for over 18 years, joining as a professional surveyor in 1998.

Colin became OSi CEO in 2013 and leads a team of 230 staff which provides quality mapping and spatial information services to meet society's needs.

The period of his tenure as CEO has seen the OSi move from being perceived as a provider of printed maps to being recognised as an innovative public service body which is creating dynamic mapping solutions in response to the rapidly changing demands of its service users.

Colin is a highly experienced leader with a mix of skills across surveying and management. His unique insight is driving the organisation through a period of considerable change as it prepares to merge with the Irish Valuations Office and Property Registration Authority into a single entity, Tailte Éireann.

Colin is a Chartered Geomatics Surveyor, a director and 2nd Vice President of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI), and a member of the Public Service Chief Information Officer Council. He is Ireland’s representative on the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM).

Presentation Title: “Empowering National Data Infrastructure with National Mapping-As-A-Service”

Presentation Abstract

As a National Mapping organisation with over 190 years of innovation, Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) has a proud history of creating, maintaining and providing national mapping through many evolutions in policy, technology and practices. As the demand for information products and services grows, so too does the demand for faster creation, maintenance and provisioning cycles of intelligence rich data. Having recently completed the key foundation of a maintained, authoritative, and standardised national geospatial core reference dataset (Prime2), OSi is on an increasingly rapid journey of continual development and growth towards providing National Mapping-As-A-Service. This presentation will focus on how OSi is delivering national and authoritative geospatial data development and integration, participating in information sharing, and driving collaborative decision making as part of public sector reform in Ireland. This is a story of how OSi has successfully driven and implemented transformational change from the provision of traditional digital cartographic referencing data to a dynamic multi-resolution national geospatial object referencing platform.

Margie Cusack

Margie Cusack

Margie Cusack is the Director of Real Estate and Tax Services for the Cook County Clerk’s Office. Her department is responsible for calculating approximately 12.4 billion in local taxes derived from the county’s 385 billion dollars of property value. She is also the Research Manager for the International Association of Assessing Officers studying emerging technology trends for application in assessment administration.

Ms. Cusack has 29 years of experience in executive leadership within government property tax administration specializing in GIS system expansion, property valuation and tax policy development. Prior to leading the Clerk’s Office Taxation Unit, Margie was the Chief of Valuation Operations at the Cook County Assessor’s Office. There she led government transparency efforts by leading the development of the “Top 100 Loop Office Buildings“ report for examination and review.

Margie took the lead to bring GIS to Cook County many years ago and has advocated for its expanded use ever since. In conjunction with the Cook County GIS team, her office recently completed a PINMAP application which is useful in any land administration system. Cook County’s GIS development is a unique Esri story of stake-holder cooperation and collaboration to provide public information regarding almost 1.9 million properties spanning over 1500 taxing districts.

Margie has two Master’s degrees from the University of Chicago, one from the Harris School of Public Policy and one in Political Science. She has served many years in the Mentor Program of the Harris School of Public Policy offering students practical experience in government settings. She is an active member of Illinois GIS Association and a representative for the IAAO to the Coalition of Geospatial Organizations. Margie has also taught Public Policy Administration at the graduate level at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Timothy Trainor

Tim Trainor

Timothy Trainor is Chief of the Geography Division of the U.S. Census Bureau. As the Census Bureau’s chief geographer, he is responsible for directing development and implementation of geographic and cartographic activities necessary to support the Census Bureau’s data collection, tabulation, and dissemination programs for the United States and its territories. These activities revolve around the Census Bureau’s MAF/TIGER System. He directs the work of the MAF (Master Address File), which is a complete address list of the country with their associated locations. Mr. Trainor also directs the work associated with TIGER (Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing), which is the agency’s automated geographic database that includes the boundaries of geographic areas and their codes, roads, hydrography and relationships among components of the database. Related activities that he manages include collecting and maintaining addresses and street data to support geocoding; acquiring boundaries and their status of each legal government; developing criteria and reference files for geographic entities in the United States; assigning addresses to the correct geographic locations; fostering geographic partnerships between the Census Bureau and Federal, state, local, and tribal governments and commercial companies; preparing maps to support the Census Bureau’s data collection and dissemination operations; and developing standards and defining cultural and demographic features to meet Census Bureau obligations to the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC), the requirements of Executive Order 12906, and the submission to and acceptance of these standards by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Standards Association (ISO) committees on geospatial data.

Mr. Trainor is the Senior Agency Official for Geospatial Information for the U.S. Department of Commerce and is an executive member of the U.S. Federal Geographic Data Committee. He currently serves as the Co-Chair for the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management and is the Head of U.S Delegation. Mr. Trainor served as Vice President of the International Cartographic Association (2007-2015). He is a member of the Association of American Geographers, Cartography and Geographic Information Society (CaGIS), the National States Geographic Information Council, the Urban Regional Information Systems Association and the Senior Executive Association. He serves as a member of the Geography Commission of the U.S. National Section of the Pan American Institute on Geography and History.

Mr. Trainor holds a Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University and, as a Rotary Fellow, he earned a post-graduate degree in cartography from Glasgow University, Scotland. He also earned a master’s certificate in project management from George Washington University School of Business and Public Management. He was awarded the Department of Commerce Gold Medal for his contributions to the 2010 Census.