November 6 - 8, 2018 | Esri Conference Center, Redlands, CA

Plenary Schedule and Speakers

Wednesday, November 2
8:30 a.m. – 11:45 a.m                             

Welcome - Drew Stephen, Esri
Hawaiian Protocol - Kimokeo Kapahulelhua
Esri's Ocean Vision - Clint Brown, Esri
Keynote Address - Nick Hedley
Ecological Marine Units Announcement - Roger Sayer, USGS, Dawn Wright, Esri and Sean Breyer, Esri


Dr. Nick Hedley, Director of the Spatial Interface Research Lab and Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University
Dr. Nick Hedley will be the 2017 Esri Ocean GIS Forum keynote speaker. Hedley is an expert in the design/development/evaluation of 3D geovisualization interfaces using augmented and virtual reality, 3D game engines, and mobile devices. He uses 3D laser scanning, drones and 360 cameras and other methods to capture geographic space in high resolution. He is interested in how we capture, explore, understand and communicate information about complex geographic spaces and dynamics, using this repertoire of methods, technology and design.
His geovisualization portfolio includes: archaeological visualization; 3D ocean environments; tsunami inundation; tsunami risk perception/communication (using citizen science and spatial cognition); marine debris arrival (crowdsourcing and simulation). His projects include an international award-winning 3D geovisualization environment for participatory citizen engagement surrounding climate change (CLIVE).