Esri Ocean GIS Forum 2017

October 31 - November 2, 2017 | Esri Conference Center, Redlands, California

Tech Workshops

Getting Started with ArcGIS Online
(half-day workshop; bring your own device)
Julia Guard, Esri—Auditorium
ArcGIS Online is a key component of the ArcGIS platform and enables users to share information and collaborate within or outside their organization. In this workshop, we will introduce the basic components of the ArcGIS Online environment as well as best practices for authoring and sharing content with individual users, your organization, and the public. Following these introductory components, we will proceed into basic administrative topics, such as managing users and content, as well as branding and embedding ArcGIS Online into other web resources.
Creating Story Maps in ArcGIS Online
(half-day workshop; bring your own device)
Julia Guard, Esri—Auditorium
Story maps combine maps, photos, text, and other media in a single interactive application. This interactive, fun-to-use format makes story maps ideal for public outreach, stakeholder engagement, and GIS project presentations. In this seminar, the presenters will show best practices for making story maps using Esri Story Maps app templates that don't require coding. Participants will learn how to choose the template that best meets their project needs and the steps to create compelling story maps using a template.
QPS and Esri Bathymetry Workflow
(all-day, hands-on workshop; computers provided)
Presenters: Caitlyn Raines, Michael Wilburn, Esri and Samantha Bruce, QPS
QPS's Qimera intelligently and interactively guides the operator through the data processing stages, simplifying bathymetry processing. ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry enables users to easily manage and combine massive amounts of raster and point bathymetric data and metadata in a GIS environment. Together these tools allow users to realize the true value of bathymetric data by analyzing it in a geographic context.
In this workshop, we will cover full wet-to-dry workflows for processing multibeam data using both QPS and Esri software. Processing steps will include analysis and the generation of information products that can be shared with colleagues and researchers via ArcGIS Online.
Scientific Tools for Marine and MetOcean (Analysis)
(all-day, hands-on workshop; computers provided)
Presenters: Kevin Butler and Brett Rose, Esri
Esri leads the way in developing innovative geospatial solutions for the scientific community. The ArcGIS platform is a comprehensive system of engagement that enables organizations to better understand scientific data throughout the process of collection, analysis, and dissemination. In this hands-on workshop, participants will explore a variety of tools for marine, MetOcean and atmospheric GIS, including the R-Bridge SciPy and multidimensional spatial statistics. This workshop is led by Esri scientific staff from the development team. Familiarity with ArcGIS geoprocessing tools is recommended.