ArcGIS for Land Records Parcel Editing Solution Workshop


Prepping your Data

Steps to prep your data for the workshops.

  1. Identify a manageable subset of your parcels to work with for the migration process.
    • Approximately 50 – 100 parcels, a section, a couple square miles of data etc.
    • A representative mix of parcels – urban, rural, etc.
    • Decide which data you would like to include – Tax Parcels, PLSS, Control/Monuments, Historical Parcels, Subdivisions, Encumbrances, Lots / Units.
  2. Create a file geodatabase.
  3. Create a feature dataset in the file geodatabase.
  4. Load the feature classes identified in step 2 into the feature dataset created in step 3. (Include polygons and lines if you have them).
  5. Bring the geodatabase to the workshop.

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