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The Redlands Forum, sponsored by Esri and the University of Redlands Town & Gown, offers educational and cultural programs on a variety of topics for free or at nominal cost. Presenters include government and business leaders, environmentalists, filmmakers, and performers.

Is America a Chickenhawk Nation?

Monday, January 26th | 7:00 pm | University of Redlands Chapel

James Fallows, National Correspondent for The Atlantic

In a controversial and widely-read article in The Atlantic this month, the University of Redlands's own "Distinguished Fellow" James Fallows argues that America has become a "chickenhawk nation," in which the public is happy to sends its troops off for perpetual -- and losing -- wars, as long as it doesn't have to pay serious attention to them. The article points out that America has twice as many family farmers as it does people in the military, and that there were only two sentences of discussion about the trillion-dollar national security budget in the most recent presidential debates.

Is this description of the world's strongest military fair? What does it mean for the next generation of Americans -- including those who might be subject to a draft? Come discuss this article and related issues, Monday, January 26 at 7:00pm in the University of Redlands Memorial Chapel.

The event is free and open to the public, and no reservations are required.

Visit the University of Redlands webpage for more information, including supporting articles.

The Ebola Mapping Story

Wednesday, February 4th

Dr. Estella Geraghty, Esri's Chief Medical Officer | Dr. Richard Hart, Loma Linda University President | Dr. Ingrid Blomquist of Loma Linda University Medical Center

What have we learned and where do we go from here?

On Wednesday, February 4, the doctor is in! Join the Inland Empire's leading health experts Dr. Estella Geraghty, Esri's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Richard Hart, Loma Linda University President, and Dr. Ingrid Blomquist of Loma Linda University Medical Center, for a candid conversation on Ebola. Together, they will describe the factors behind the perfect storm of the Ebola epidemic, the biological spread of the virus and how this knowledge works to prevent panic and discrimination. Then, get an inside look at how health officials are mapping the disease and why we should promote greater collaboration among human health, animal health, and environmental health experts to stop the spread of Ebola.

Save the Date

Wednesday, February 4th
The Ebola Crisis with Dr. Geraghty, Dr. Blomquist, and Dr. Hart

Tuesday, February 17th
Bruce Babbitt, Former Secretary of the Interior

Wednesday, March 11th
The Story of Arrowhead Springs with Mark Landis, Historian

March (TBD)
Jim & Deb Fallows, Journalists, The Atlantic

Thursday, April 9th
The Forest Unseen with Dr. David Haskell, Professor of Biology, University of the South

Wednesday, April 22nd
1865: Triumph and Tragedy with Don McCue, Director of A.K. Smiley Library

Wednesday, May 6th
Creatures of the Deep and “Treasure Maps” of the Ocean Floor with Dr. Dawn Wright, Chief Scientist, Esri


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