Why Attend
Learn about Real-World Examples
See ways other professionals are using GIS to improve their daily operations, make more informed decisions, and create new opportunities in any industry. Attend user presentations specific to your region and learn how organizations like yours successfully use GIS to improve ROI; streamline workflows; and collect, analyze, and share data.
Bring Your Questions
Pose your questions to the Esri technical experts. Have one-on-one discussions where you can troubleshoot, brainstorm, solve problems, and address issues that will further your GIS integration and applications.
Build Your Network
Make the acquaintance of and build relationships with your fellow GIS users and Esri staff and business partners. Gain insight, skills, and strategies related to your field and gather ideas for your GIS projects.
Explore the Latest Technology
Find out about the most recent ArcGIS software developments and how new tools, techniques, and solutions address different industry trends and the challenges of today's economy. Visit the GIS Solutions EXPO to network with vendors and discuss advancements made with geospatial technology.
Leave Equipped
Attend presentations, demonstrations, and workshops given by both your peers and Esri staff that shed light on the uses and capabilities of different ArcGIS software. Delve deeper by attending sessions and participating in discussions that explore how to fully leverage GIS to meet your current and potential needs, from industry best practices to licensing tips and tricks. Get both the details and the bigger picture.