Improving Your Organization Starts Here.

The Esri Senior Executive Summit (SES) brings together presidents, vice-presidents and other high level officials within the commercial, nonprofit, government and academic communities. The SES seminar presents a clear understanding of the benefits organizations will receive by applying geography. Understand why GIS is a necessary technology, and how a location platform can improve every department.


Saved in Labor and Materials

Benton Public Utility District uses a real-time display of an outage management system on a mobile or desktop computer.


Reduction in External Consulting Costs

Rona used an in-house customized ArcGIS application, allowing staff to analyze geographic areas and match best flyers to correct stores.


cost savings over two years

Geographic information helps Stanford University Medical Center anticipate and mitigate potential interruptions to continuity of care.
“Because we're understanding the world from a geographic perspective and bring a location intelligence lens to so much of the strategy and the decision-making that we do at Walgreens, we're able to be there for our customers and for our patients when they need us.”
Jillian Elder, Director, Enterprise Location Intelligence, Walgreens
“Our partnership with Esri will help enable a greater number of cities to benefit from sustainable, technology-driven solutions that support smarter and more resilient communities.”
Clarence E. Anthony, CEO and executive director of the National League of Cities
“Visualizing data is an incredibly exciting thing for the start-ups in our program. They’re collecting information from a whole variety of sources, and to be able to bring it together in some kind of a cohesive way and really be able to interpret that information is really valuable.”
Clara Brenner, CEO and cofounder, Tumml
“We can work smarter,…and I think Esri has really helped us in that regard.”
David Hicks, Founder and President, David Hicks Company
“GIS technology is making a difference in today’s executive arena. The Esri location platform is impacting bottom lines, promoting social and environmental stewardship, transforming the dialog with customers, and shifting the way workforces are developed.”
Jack Dangermond, President and CEO, Esri