Hands-on Learning Lab

Advance your technical knowledge and further your professional development at the Southeast User Conference by getting hands-on training with the latest geospatial technology in the Hands-on Learning Lab. The Learning Lab offers self-paced training sessions (approximately 45 minutes each) that combine a recorded demo with interactive exercises using real GIS software.

The below lessons for Version 10.2 are offered:

  1. Introduction to ArcGIS for Desktop
  2. Creating a map in ArcGIS for Desktop
  3. Basics of the geodatabase model
  4. Editing with ArcGIS for Desktop
  5. Introduction to Versioned Editing
  6. Editing and Maintaining Parcel Data in a Parcel Fabric
  7. Geocoding with ArcGIS for Desktop
  8. Introduction to ArcGIS Network Analyst
  9. Introduction to Linear Referencing
  10. Using Geometric Networks for Utilities Applications
  11. Introduction to ArcGIS Spatial Analyst
  12. Introduction to ArcGIS for Server
  13. Designing Web Applications using ArcGIS for Server
  14. Sharing Maps and Tools using ArcGIS Online
  15. Sharing Data with the Community Maps Program
  16. Spatial Statistics for Public Health
  17. Working with CAD in ArcGIS for Desktop
  18. Introduction to Geoprocessing using Python
  19. What’s New in ArcGIS for Desktop 10 and 10.1?

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