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Geographic information system (GIS) technology is a key component in the development, management, and operation of utility cooperatives.

Thank you for visiting Esri and our partners in booth #519, we hope you now see how GIS can help cooperatives to

  • Gain operational awareness of the network
  • Improve poststorm damage assessment and outage response
  • Enhance communication with remote workers and customers
  • Increase reliability through proactive network maintenance
  • Raise member satisfaction

Business partners in the Esri booth:


WebMapSolutions provide mobile GIS and mapping solutions for utilities, and develop custom mobile ArcGIS apps. WebMapSolutions are helping organizations move past barriers and integrate GIS into their core technology. We can help with each part of your ArcGIS implementation, from system design, to data preparation, mobile and Web application configuration and development.


DataCapable's UtiliSocial is the first software platform to offer nontraditional data integration into existing utility systems, such as Outage Management Systems (OMS), Distribution Management Systems (DMS) and Customer Information Systems (CIS). UtiliSocial can take outage event data via social media and leverage the robust Esri GeoEnrichment Service to query and display information ranging from demographics and consumer behavior to natural environmental datasets.

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