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Getting Started

Geographic Information Systems

A geographic information system is a framework for understanding our world and applying geographic knowledge to solve problems and guide human behavior.

Better Decisions Through Modeling and Mapping Our World

A GIS can produce information that answers specific questions and allows you to share that information with others. By visualizing relationships, connections, and patterns in data, you can make informed decisions and increase efficiency throughout your organization.

To get started, consider the questions you need answered and what you want from a GIS. In this section, you'll find essential information that introduces you to the tools and benefits available when you implement a GIS.

GIS by Esri

GIS technology must constantly evolve to meet the changing needs of business, science, government, and education. We are ready for these changes. Today, Esri has thousands of skilled employees who work with hundreds of business partners and distributors and tens of thousands of users worldwide. Each one makes a unique contribution to this technology—each one makes a difference in our society.

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