Getting Started for Executives


GIS provides robust tools to understand, question, interpret, and visualize data, enabling you to make more informed decisions. See how Esri customers use GIS to make a difference.

Saving Millions on Public Safety

In an age of fiscal uncertainty and budgetary restraint, St. Louis County, Missouri, shows how intelligent planning can help build a better emergency response warning system—and save millions in the process. 

Increasing Efficiency in Hydro Power

"Through GIS, we were able to collect data on more than 10 million potential sites in a matter of hours—a process that traditionally would have taken years. We were also able to target locations that were off the beaten path and would have never been discovered." — Ryan Taylor, GIS administrator, Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd.

Decreasing Costs and Increasing Sales in Retail

With better market intelligence achieved through using GIS, RONA, a Montreal-based hardware retailer, reports that the company saved money by eliminating promotional flyers in underperforming zones and focused its energy in areas of high consumer concentration. 

Power of Maps

The intuitive power of maps reveals trends, patterns, and answers that are not as easily detected in other data presentation formats.

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