Esri-Sponsored Grants

Natural Resources Grant Program


The Esri and PCI Natural Resources Imagery Grant Program fosters innovative approaches that help organizations use GIS, image processing, and remote-sensing technologies to solve natural resources management problems.  The grant's overseers have selected 24 organizations to participate in the program.

Grant recipients are using their awards to develop projects that increase efficiencies, productivity, and accuracy in the use of radar and optical sensor imagery data for detecting and analyzing land-cover change. These projects will demonstrate ways imagery and GIS enhance decision support, extend GIS throughout the enterprise, and improve the operational use of imagery.

Organizations participating in the program represent a variety of disciplines within natural resources, and their projects are just as diverse. For instance, one project studies climate change in the outskirt of the Chilean Andes Mountains, another performs forestry and coastal assessments on Mexico's coastline, and yet another develops disaster management applications to help communities across the nation.

Learn about these organizations and their projects on Grant Recipients page.  When the projects have been completed, participants will publish them on ArcGIS Online. These projects will provide you with ideas and insight that will advance your imagery project.

Natural Resources Imagery Grant awards are valued at $100,000 each and include the following:

  • Esri GIS software and training
  • PCI Geomatics software tools for processing and analyzing imagery in GIS
  • MDA RADARSAT-2 synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery
  • RapidEye 5m multispectral imagery

Applications to the Esri and PCI Natural Resources Imagery Grant Program are no longer being accepted.

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