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Esri and Trimble Announce Winners of Mobile Government Grant

November 21, 2003

Esri, the leading developer of geographic information system (GIS) software and spatial solutions for local government, and Trimble, a leading innovator of global positioning system (GPS) technology, announced the winners of the joint Esri and Trimble Mobile Government Grant Program.

The Esri and Trimble software, hardware, and training grants totaling $140,000 have been awarded to 10 state or local governments within the United States. Recipients were selected from a wide range of disciplines including health, code enforcement, public safety, planning, public works, and parks and recreation. The 2003 Esri and Trimble Mobile Government Grant recipients are:

  1. City and County of Denver, Colorado, Department of Public Works
  2. City of Binghamton, New York, Department of Planning, Housing and Community Development
  3. City of Overland Park, Kansas, Parks and Recreation Department
  4. County of San Luis Obispo, California, Department of Planning and Building
  5. Dona Ana County, New Mexico, Department of Planning and Development
  6. Harris County, Texas, Public Health & Environmental Services Mosquito Division
  7. Lincoln Parish, Louisiana, GIS Commission
  8. Monterey County, California, Department of Health
  9. Philadelphia City, Pennsylvania, Planning Commission
  10. Tioga County, New York, Information Technology & Communication Services Department

The Esri and Trimble Mobile Government Grant Program has been established with two goals in mind. The first objective is to establish a vehicle to provide assistance to state or local government agencies in establishing 10 models that demonstrate concepts related to the development and implementation of innovative GIS and GPS applications aimed at improving government processes. The second objective is to provide reusable applications that can be shared between governments with similar projects via Esri’s public domain Web site.

The Esri and Trimble Mobile Government Grant Program is a vehicle to provide additional applications specific to mobile government. Applications developed through the grant recipients will be posted on the Esri public domain Web site beginning in May 2004. Government agencies can visit this Web site to download applications that have been posted throughout the past year. Through the Web site, Esri and Trimble hope to encourage the government community to promote the sharing of applications by posting their work on this Web site. Governments can better serve the public by exchanging ideas on issues that affect their communities. Through the Esri and Trimble Mobile Government Demonstration Project and the ArcPad public domain Web site, governments can continue to meet their objectives by the open exchange of ideas and shared resources.

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