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Can I apply for both grants?

Yes, however if you choose to apply for both grants you will need to submit two separate applications. They are different technologies and therefore we would expect the workflows and program descriptions to also differ.

Can I submit my application electronically?

No, two copies of the application should be mailed to the address below:

Attn.: Industry Grant Coordinator
Government Industry Marketing Coordinator
Esri and Trimble Mobile Government Demonstration Project Grant Program
380 New York Street
Redlands, CA 92373-8100

What is the value of the grant?

Twenty state, regional, or local governments within the United States will be awarded Esri and Trimble software, hardware, and training grants valued at approximately $4,500.

When is the deadline?

The official deadline for all submissions is 5:00 p.m. (Pacific time), November 20, 2009.

What is the breakdown of the number of grants per program?

The total grants per program will be based off of the total percentage of grant submissions for Mobile Standard and Mobile Advance.

Can I get a copy of past grant winner’s submissions?

The goal of the grant program is for us to learn from the applicants and to look at variations in business processes. We want to see what factors actually lead to implementation, and therefore do not provide examples of past grant winner’s submissions.

Hardware | Benefits

What are the benefits of using Trimble’s Juno SC?

Key Utility Benefits:

  • Increased productivity of your entire mobile workforce
  • Ability to quickly and reliably access the data they need in the field—work-orders, map data, reference files, emails, and even the Internet
  • Enables connections to networks and other devices with its integrated Bluetooth® and wireless LAN capabilities
  • Accurately locate and record asset conditions, document evidence, and provide a common operational picture to the back office
  • Designed to maximize yield of positions in hostile environments, such as under forest canopy and up against buildings
What are the key product features of Trimble's June SC?

Key Product Features:

  • 3.5G cellular modem
  • Feature packed, fully integrated solution
  • 3 megapixel camera
  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver
  • Long life battery for all-day use
  • Lightweight and compact
What are the configurations for the Trimble Juno SC?

The Trimble® Juno™ SC handheld features a high-performance 533 MHz Samsung processor, integrated GPS receiver, integrated digital 3-megapixel color camera, 3.5-inch display, Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ version 6.1 software, 128 MB RAM and 128 MB nonvolatile flash data storage, microSD memory card slot, built-in Bluetooth®, wireless LAN, and an integrated HSDPA 3.5G cellular modem (Quad-band GSM/GPRS). The Juno SC has cellular capability, but cellular service is not included or activated and is the customer's responsibility.


What is ArcPad?

ArcPad is an ad hoc mobile mapping and field data collection application with advanced GIS/GPS editing capabilities. With its most recent release, ArcPad integrates with both desktop and server environments including real-time differential GPS capabilities. ArcPad can be customized and extended with specific solutions offered by many Esri business partners including Trimble for post-processed differential GPS workflows.

What is ArcGIS Mobile?

ArcGIS Mobile is designed for mobile mapping and workforce automation workflows in enterprise organizations. It is closely integrated with ArcGIS Server providing centralized management and deployment. ArcGIS Mobile applications are focused on supporting task-centric projects such as inspections, field observations, and monitoring. It can be used to configure or build mobile applications that operate in both docked and wireless environments targeting field-specific workflows and business processes. This technology has become very popular in the enterprise mobile environment, within all levels of government, throughout the private sector, and in the research community.

What are the key benefits of ArcGIS Mobile?

Increase accuracy & currency of business data

  • Task-based mobile GIS application
  • Collect and inspect maps with GPS
  • 3 megapixel camera
  • Synchronize data wirelessly
  • Long life battery for all-day use
  • Rapidly deploy mobile GIS
  • Centrally manage data
  • Deploy from ArcGIS Server
  • Easily create custom workflows
  • .NET Software Development Kit
  • Integrated Visual Studio
What are the key benefits of ArcPad?

Greatly improve accuracy of your GIS data

  • Range of GPS/GIS editing tools
  • High accuracy GPS workflows
  • Leverage your GIS knowledge in the field
  • Simple ad hoc deployment to field
  • Check out a slice of your Geodatabase
  • Use ArcGIS Desktop for management
  • Connect to ArcGIS Server on-demand
  • Rapid customization of the user experience
  • Script custom tools and extensions
  • ArcPad Studio included with ArcPad
Can you explain the difference between the ArcGIS Mobile application and ArcPad?

Both products are positioned as Esri solutions for mobile GIS. They are designed to boost mobile productivity and are used to support professionals with their field efforts. ArcGIS Mobile is designed for non-GIS professionals in large enterprise organizations with field staff that typically perform simple data collection and inspection tasks. ArcPad is designed for GIS trained professionals in small to medium size workgroups who typically perform more advanced GPS/GIS editing tasks.

Both of these technologies provide a specific set of capabilities that meet the needs of different end-user application requirements. Trade-offs in software and hardware capabilities, price, size, device ruggedness, and battery life help determine which of these Esri technologies are ideal for your organization’s workflow and project scope or development scenario.

For more information about Mobile GIS, please visit:

What can I do with Esri ArcGIS Mobile?

ArcGIS Mobile comes with an out-of-the-box application and a software development kit (SDK).

The configurable out-of-the-box ArcGIS Mobile application integrates with ArcGIS Server to provide central management and deployment of mobile GIS data, maps, tasks, and projects from ArcGIS Server Manager.

The ArcGIS Mobile application can be used to

  • View and navigate mobile maps to direct field resources effectively and monitor the location of assets.
  • Collect, edit, and update GIS data in real-time and share information with colleagues immediately.
  • Search and manage a list of GIS features to perform tasks or plan future work.
  • Rapidly deploy mobile GIS without needing to develop your own solution.

ArcGIS Mobile includes an SDK that lets developers use simple tools to create lightweight GIS-focused applications customized to users' needs.

The ArcGIS Mobile SDK can be used to

  • Create and deploy focused mobile applications that can operate in a connected or disconnected environment.
  • Build geocentric applications that provide basic GIS functionality including map display and navigation, GPS support, and GIS editing.
  • Enhance line-of-business applications, such as customer relationship management and field service automation systems, with geospatial capabilities.
Where can I find out more about ArcGIS Mobile?

The ArcGIS Mobile SDK includes comprehensive developer support through the online Mobile Resource Center. It provides access to help, sample applications, documentation, forums, blogs, and code galleries.

What are the system requirements for ArcGIS Mobile?

ArcGIS Mobile is installed as a part of ArcGIS Server AAAAA/software/arcgis/arcgisserver Advanced Enterprise for the .NET platform. Mobile devices that run ArcGIS Mobile applications support the following device operating systems:

ArcGIS Mobile Out-of-the-Box Application

  • Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone and Pocket PC editions
  • Windows Mobile 6.0, 6.1 Standard, Classic, and Professional editions

Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone and Pocket PC editions
  • Windows Mobile 6.0, 6.1 Standard, Classic, and Professional editions
  • Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PCs
  • Windows Vista, XP, and XP tablet

See the Support Center for complete details.

What are the system requirements for Esri ArcPad 8?

ArcPad is supported on the following platforms:

Mobile Devices

  • Windows Mobile 5.0
  • Windows Mobile 6.0
  • Windows Mobile 6.1


  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
See the Support Center for complete details. Request the Esri StreetMap Data Unlock Code.
What is Esri Developer Network (EDN) subscription?

EDN offers annual subscriptions that provide a cost-effective way to license Esri ArcGIS products and tools. The EDN subscriptions and website are the ultimate resources for developers responsible for building GIS applications and solutions.

What can you do with Esri Developer Network (EDN) subscription?

With EDN, you can:

  • Build and deploy custom desktop applications. Configure or customize Esri's ArcGIS Desktop products.
  • Build Web services and other multiuser, server-based applications including mobile.
  • Integrate your geospatial information into an interoperable data storage and management framework.

Learn more about Esri Developer Network (EDN) subscription by visiting

Included in the Esri Developer Network (EDN) Subscription is ArcGIS Server and the ArcGIS Mobile SDK.

Why are we giving EDN?

EDN is included to allow you to leverage Esri software for development and testing purposes. Once you have demonstrated the project you can purchase the necessary components to fully implement your project(s) including deployment to mobile devices.

What is an Esri Virtual Campus Training Course?

Since 1998, Esri Virtual Campus has offered self-paced training over the Internet. Today, over 300,000 students from around the world get their GIS training on the Virtual Campus.

Esri Virtual Campus training is an affordable, high-quality learning experience using interactive exercises, examples, and instructional resources to create a rich learning environment. The convenience and ability to learn at your own pace in a dynamic educational environment are hallmarks of Virtual Campus training.

Web courses teach a variety of topics related to Esri software, the theory underlying GIS technology, and the application of GIS tools in particular fields. Each learning module of a Web course takes approximately three hours to complete. Some Web courses include downloadable trial editions of Esri software, and many offer the first learning module free of charge.

Learn more about Esri Training by visiting

More Software Information
For more information, see software documentation. [PDF]


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