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Precision Farming

Yield calculation map is used for crop planning and harvesting.

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Information technology has made a substantial impact on farming, particularly with the use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in conjunction with GIS tools.

By incorporating GPS into standard farming practices, farmers, researchers, and consultants have been able to improve the precision of existing agronomic management activities by implementing them at a subfield scale. Precision farming and associated variable rate technologies have been the result. Potentially, factors that influence crop productivity can be identified, mapped, and used to provide an implemented solution.

Field level precision opens the way to better manage variations where previously, in terms of treatments, a field was normally assumed to be homogeneous.

Precision farming (PF) and variable rate technologies (VRT) use spatial databases within field environmental and management variables with the aim of equalizing the application of field inputs while maximizing production across the entire field.

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