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Jane Goodall on Why We Should Help the Serengeti

Animal-rich region is the "essence of Africa," famed scientist says. Learn More

Esri founder Jack Dangermond honored by UN

His Redlands firm ensures those in conservation and development have access to geographic information.
Learn More

GIS Helps the UN World Food Programme Analyze its Food Insecurity Efforts

The United Nation's World Food Programme uses ArcGIS in each step of the disaster cycle. Learn More

GIS is an important tool for helping people map out plans for successfully achieving management strategies that are sustainable both at local and global levels.

GIS helps countries discover how to establish basic infrastructure for the implementation of land-related policies and land management strategies that will help ensure social equality, economic growth, and environmental protection. Esri supports many sustainable development efforts throughout the world. Geographic information systems provide policy makers and planning agencies with visualization tools to manage growth and change.


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