Secure stakeholder well-being.

Esri technology simplifies situational awareness and provides a full, clear picture. Use Esri’s location-smart platform to ensure the safety of your employees, passengers, and aircraft operations. Strategically plan and prepare for scheduled events, and recover faster from unplanned incidents. Esri secures your systems, so your systems can protect others.

"The NICE-AECOM solution based on Esri technology lets us transform the way we manage safety, security, and operations at LAX."

Dominic Nessi, Deputy Executive Director and Chief Information Officer, Los Angeles World Airports



See your entire security operations in a few clicks. Or, focus on an interest area. Real-time intelligence means up-to-the-minute monitoring.


Get all the possible information into one operational view. Real-time overviews of facilities and events drive timely decisions.


Connect departments and agencies with the latest information at a glance. Fast, effective response and public transparency start with clear communication.


ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server

Detect events in real time when technology acts as your eyes and ears. ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server operates on parameters and filters you set. It pushes summary alerts from unlimited data inputs to your device or inbox. So you know instantly when an incident needs your attention.

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ArcGIS Platform

Visualize, query, and act on data from multiple sources – all in one place. ArcGIS is a powerful, single technology that feeds unlimited security systems into a single, actionable framework for reducing risks. Leverage the full power of your airport security with stronger communication, clearer visuals, and faster response.

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ArcGIS Online

Share information in real-time with no-code web maps. Control who accesses which information through authorized groups and named users. Key decision makers and field crews work together from focused mobile and desktop maps and apps that update in real time to reflect each contribution. Know more when you can take your information anywhere.

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