ArcGIS Scripts and Extensions

ArcGIS 9.x Scripts and Extensions

Advanced Python Demos and Slides Toolbox
Download demos from the Esri Advanced Scripting Technical Workshop. Scripts automate tasks, such as data conversion, or generate geodatabases and can be run from their scripting application or added to a toolbox.

These tools enable quick import of digital photography into the ArcGIS framework.

Block Diagram
A script for ArcScene allows GRIDs or TINs to be displayed as solid block models.

CAD Translation Using a Table-Driven Geoprocessing Script 1.2a
Two tools help in the building of a table-driven automated CAD translation.

Create 3D Polylines from Text Files
Create 3D polylines from a comma-delimited text file with x, y, and z points.

Easy Calculate
Easy Calculate is a handy set of expressions for the ArcGIS field calculator that computes some spatial characteristics of the features, edits the shapes, adds records to a target layer, and draws graphics.

EditorID 1.4
EditorID script allows you to track who edits the features in your geodatabase and at what time they were last edited.

Frequency Lite Tool
Generate a table of unique code occurrences and their frequency for a specified field within an existing table.

Generate Lattice
Create a feature class populated with equally distributed polygons or points given a coordinate extent and values on how to divide it.

Convert GPS NMEA 0183 sentences to a point shapefile.

National Park Service
Access online and desktop GIS tools, templates, and geodatabase information.

National Park Service AlaskaPak for ArcGIS v1.0
The AlaskaPak toolkit is a collection of tools for use with Esri's ArcMap desktop GIS. These tools are designed to augment the functionality of ArcMap by providing easy-to-use tools for many common tasks performed by resource managers, GIS technicians, and other scientists.

NOAA ARD GIS Tools at Esri Scripts
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/Assessment and Restoration Division (NOAA ARD) offers four GIS tools (Query Manager Import, List Layer Sources, Map Extent, and Create Layer Files) developed for use in spatial analysis and mapping in ArcGIS 9.1.

OLE Links ArcMap Feature to Access Form Record
This ArcMap example module that hot links the selected layer record to the corresponding Access database form record. This allows selection of features in ArcMap and performance of table editing operations in Access forms.

Plot, Locate, and View U.S. National Grid Coordinates
These tools are a no-cost add-on for ArcGIS for Desktop 9.1 and allow you to plot a national grid on a map, locate coordinates on a map and zoom in to that area of interest, and view multiple coordinate systems such as the Universal Transverse Mercator and the National Grid. The tools support needs for a coordinate system that can be standardized across multiple agencies.

Repair Data Sources of Broken Layers
This extension repairs broken layer data sources in your ArcMap project.

Repeating Shapes Tool
This no-cost tool is an extension that divides the landscape into repeating geometric shapes, which is useful for developing systematic sampling designs.

Resource Management GIS Extensions and Templates
Developed by the National Park Service Geographic Resource Information Management group, this collection of GIS extensions and templates is useful to resource managers.

Sign Survey Dialog Box
This includes code used in the field to facilitate a sign survey. The dialog box was designed for use with databases used in CartêGraph SignView software, although any Access database may be used.

Spatial Unique ID Tool
This tool allows you to sort all features or selected features by the x,y coordinates and then ID them sequentially.

Script to Synchronize (link) data frame extents in ArcMap
This allows the user to synchronize or link the extents of two data frames such that panning or zooming in one data frame will update the linked data frame accordingly.

TapesG-ArcGIS and SRAD-ArcGIS
Compute 14 terrain attributes using Terrain Analysis Programs for the Environmental Sciences (TAPES) or 14 solar attributes for solar radiation modeling (SRAD).

TerraServer Download for ArcGIS 9.2
This tool gives the ability to download imagery hosted by TerraServer directly into ArcMap.

XT Download SRTM File Download Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) files from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Web site and mosaic the downloaded files.

Viewing Link for ArcGIS and Access
Updated February 2005, ArcGIS to Access Link v1.0 for ArcGIS 9 SP2 and Access 2002/2003 connects spatial data in ArcGIS with tabular data in an Access database, allowing you to view selected data in either program’s format. This is a free National Park Service tool.

3D Multipatch Tools
Updated for 9.x to fix previous problems, these tools convert point features into multipatch 3D shapes.

3D Textured Buildings
This tool provides a command to convert polygon features to textured multipatch features and can be run from ArcScene or ArcGlobe.

ArcGIS 8.x Scripts and Extensions

Add x and y to the attribute table of a point or polygon layer
The program adds x and y coordinates (Centroid or label point) to the selected polygon or point feature layer in an ArcMap data frame. If the field XCOORD or YCOORD does not exist in the layer, the program will add the field to the layer attribute table.

Add XY of Points to Attribute Table (ArcGIS)
Associate the VBA script with a button in ArcMap. Select a point layer (point shapefile or point feature class geodatabase) in the TOC.

This VBA script adds two new fields X,Y to the attribute table of the selected point layer and fills the fields with the X,Y coordinates.

ArcMap GPS Support (ArcGIS 8.3)
With the added GPS support, input from a GPS receiver can be displayed as a real-time location in ArcMap. GPS receiver locations can also be stored in log files for archival or real-time digitizing purposes. The GPS functionality is accessed through a toolbar in ArcMap or by writing custom applications using ArcObjects.

ArcMap Hyperlink to Filtered Microsoft Access Form
This script will create a hyperlink from a feature in ArcMap to a filtered form in Microsoft Access.

Calculate XY
This program will add XY coordinates to a point shapefile and centroid coordinates to a polygon shapefile (depending on which is selected in the Layer List).

Convex Hull/Convex Envelope

This program presents an interface with a drop-down list of all point layers in the current DataFrame. Choose one and the program creates a polygon shapefile containing either

  1. The convex hull of a set of points
  2. The convex envelope (minimum bounding) of a set of points

The polygon shapefile is stored in the projection (coordinate system) of the DataFrame and is added to the currently active DataFrame as a new layer.

EasyCalculate 5.0
EasyCalculate is a set of expressions (currently 110) for the ArcGIS Field Calculator. The expressions can be loaded in the Field Calculator and when executed can calculate some spatial characteristics of the features, edit the shapes, draw graphics, etc.

Enter Points by XYZ to Point Shapefile by Filling in a Form
This is a DLL for ArcMap that lets users enter east, north and Z values in a user-friendly way to a shapefile. The user must select a a layer in the combo box and then enter east, north, and Z-values.

Find and Flash Feature
This DLL is for searching features and flashing them. The program automatically loads all feature layers into a combo box, and when the user selects a layer, all its fields are shown in the list box below the combo box. When the user selects a field, the values of that field are loaded into another combo box beneath the listbox and pressing the Flash button causes that feature to be zoomed in, and flashed, and shown on the screen display.

Get Centroid of Points
Copy/Paste the script into a VBA code window, then run from the window or add a button to ArcMap.

The script loops through all SELECTED point
features in a point shapefile, and reports the centroid in a message box.

Get Raster Value According to a Point Coverage
This tool gets the raster value (e.g., elevation) from a raster layer for a point layer, and adds one column in the point layer's attribute table.

Go to Access-OLE Link ArcMap Feature to Access Form Record
Arcmap example module that hotlinks the selected layer record to the corresponding Access database form record. This allows users to select features in ArcMap but perform the table-editing operations in Access forms.

GPS Toolbar
"GPS Hal Toolbar" is an ArcMap toolbar that allows users to communicate in real time with a GPS receiver connected to a serial port and configured with the NMEA communication interface.

Akin to the GRIDSPOT AML in ArcInfo Workstation, this VB tool overlays a point shapefile or point coverage on a raster layer and assigns the value of the raster to the attribute "SPOT" in the vector layer. If the attribute already exists, it is overwritten.

Hawth's Tools-Spatial Analysis/Utility Tools for Spatial Ecology
Hawth's Analysis Tools is an extension for Esri's ArcGIS (specifically ArcMap). It is designed to perform spatial analysis and functions that cannot be conveniently accomplished with out-of-the-box ArcGIS.

Linear Regression
This program presents a user interface with a drop-down list of all point/polygon/line layers in the current data frame and allows the computation of Simple Linear Regression (bivariate) between two numeric attributes.

Minimum Distance Two Layers
This takes two feature layers and finds the minimum distance between the feature selected in the source layer and the features selected in the target layer.

Nearest Neighbor Analysis/Event-Event Distances
Via a user interface, this performs basic Nearest Neighbor Analysis (Clark and Evans, 1954) and gives summary statistics of the point distribution (event-to-event) in both corrected (for edge effects see Donnelly 1978) and uncorrected versions. Nearest neighbor distances can be added to feature table.

Pixel Value to Point
This program assign the value of a pixel of a raster layer to the corresponding point feature of a point layer.

Random Sample/Points in Polygon (updated)
This creates shapefiles with one record for each random point about 100 times faster. This is the default (previously a multipoint was generated by default and the user had to manually opt for a single point shapefile)

Spatial Analyst Plus
Spatial Analyst Plus gives menu access to a wide range of Spatial Analyst functions that are normally only available through the Raster Calculator.

Standard Distance/Deviation Ellipse
This program presents a user interface with a drop-down list of all point layers in the current data frame and allows the calculation of either

  1. Standard Distance (SD) with mean-center of all points
  2. Standard Deviational Ellipse (SDE)

Tablet PC Support for ArcGIS (ArcGIS 8.3)
Esri has developed a set of free, downloadable tools to enhance the use of ArcGIS 8.2 and ArcGIS 8.3 on Tablet PCs.

TerraServer Download
This tool was created based on the idea from a visit to USGS. As of June 27, 2002, Microsoft hosts USGS Digital Orthophoto Quadrangle(DOQ), and Digital Raster Graphics (DRG) on their infrastructure called TerraServer.

Time Series by Layers
This script shows you how to render layers/rasters in a time series from the same geographic location over a period of time. It works by just turning layers (rasters) on and off, starting at the top layer.

Uncle Dom's BetterSelect-Version 1.3
BetterSelect is an enhancement to the standard feature selection functionality in ArcMap. BetterSelect offers a more elegant way to quickly jump between selection modes (Add to, Remove from) and selection constraints (Select within, Select passthru).

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