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ATM Modeling
Geographic analysis of ATM usage creates this visualization showing high and low areas of usage based on foot traffic and densities.

Spatial Roundtable

Join the current discussion: Geography Can Provide Better Banking Services

Knowing where your customers are creates a wealth of knowledge. Use it to identify different market segments and offer them the right financial products and services.

With a GIS, every address can be accurately turned into a real-world location, and aggregations of these addresses can be performed to calculate the density of customers, their spending performance, buying habits, underbanked rates, foreclosures, unbanked distributions, amounts of disposable income, and changing demographic patterns just by putting your customers on a map.

Extend the information arsenal available to your sales and marketing executives and use GIS to locate and target your most desirable customers.

Learn more about the geographic advantage for marketing.

Success Stories

Learn how banking and financial organizations benefit from the use of geographic analysis and GIS.

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