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King County   King County Department of Assessments, Washington
As the home of Starbucks, Microsoft, and Amazon, King County is a growing urban area with more than 700,000 parcels. The county assessor’s department uses mobile GIS on tablet computers for tax assessment. This enables the county to improve the quality and efficiency of its services to the public. The field appraiser app integrates GIS and CAMA data, connects work from the field to the office, and syncs any changes back to the geodatabase each day.
Sussex County   Sussex County, Delaware
Sussex County migrated from a legacy system and implemented GIS on a wide scale. By transferring more than 170,000 parcels into the parcel fabric, many county government organizations were able to improve many community services. For example, 911 emergency operators can now locate people more quickly with all address data on one authoritative map.
Dallas, TX   Dallas Central Appraisal District, Texas
Dallas Central Appraisal District, which serves the ninth largest U.S. county, relies on Esri’s out-of-the-box ArcGIS solution to edit parcels and manage parcel data. Esri’s solution ensures transparency, saves time, increases accuracy, and according to Dallas appraisers, it keeps parcel editors happy.
Denver, Colorado   City and County of Denver, Colorado
Public and private organizations in the city and county of Denver rely on accurate, authoritative parcel data, accessible thanks to the Local Government Data Model framework and enterprise GIS. Government GIS departments work with the Assessor’s Office and Public Works Department to update and maintain the parcel fabric for the good of the community.
Maricopa County, Arizona   Maricopa County, Arizona
Maricopa County is implementing an enterprise GIS to better serve its community. The Assessor's Office uses GIS to increase productivity and transparency internally and with its constituents, which reduces costs and increases community satisfaction.

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