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Connect with Esri and their partners who have expert knowledge of how GIS works with your business. Together, we'll help you integrate the technology, products, and services to meet your needs.

The land administration community has used Esri and its partner solutions to better manage day-to-day operations as well as long-term planning. GIS technology provides efficient methodologies to edit parcel data, connect to assessment databases, and publish mapping and GIS data on the Web, enabling public access. Centralized land records data and open architecture provide data access where needed across the organization.

Featured Solutions

Parcel Builder—MapEditor from Sidwell is a complete toolkit used for creating and managing a tagged data model. It includes enhancements to the ArcMap Sketch tool, increasing cadastral map capture and map maintenance productivity. MapEditor fully supports the tagged data model while introducing productivity tools that don't require its use.

Parcel Builder—MapPlotter from Sidwell provides a flexible software tool for creating consistently high-quality cadastral maps from an automated, intuitive batch-plotting interface. MapPlotter operates against mapping data that resides in an Esri geodatabase, utilizes standard ArcMap map templates, and automatically enters page-specific text into the margins of each map.

FARMS from Sidwell is a GIS solution developed to help assessment officials in their quest to more efficiently calculate valuations for the agricultural parcels within their jurisdictions. FARMS operates on ArcMap 9.2 (or higher) and is licensed at the ArcView, ArcEditor, or ArcInfo level.

Parcel Analyst from SDS allows assessors and land managers to quickly locate and identify parcels, view related data, gather useful statistics, perform calculations on parcel data, and publish customized reports and hard-copy maps.

DREAMaps—Integrated land data management from SDS is an integrated software suite designed to more effectively manage the entire land data life cycle. The suite allows the land data manager to maintain property maps, update property databases, analyze property data, manage linked documents, and distribute data access. DREAMaps components are designed to make life easier for organizations that want the benefit of GIS without the necessity of a dedicated GIS department.

The EnerGov Enterprise suite of products are designed to automate the often complex processes of Land Use Planning & Review, Permitting, Code Enforcement, Inspections, Licensing & Case Mgmt, Work Order & Asset Mgmt and Citizen Requests. Agencies and departments utilizing the EnerGov Enterprise suite include community and economic development, planning, building, code enforcement, public works, business licensing, occupational and professional licensing, revenue collection, land control, fire safety, alcohol and regulatory control, storm water management, engineering and much more. EnerGov Enterprise utilizes Microsoft .NET technology coupled with the latest Esri ArcGIS for Server platform to develop intelligent systems tailored around the specific needs and processes government agencies administer while regulating and managing land use, licenses and assets throughout the agency.

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