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The Society of Conservation GIS (SCGIS) is a nonprofit organization that works to build community, provide knowledge, and support individuals using GIS. The society is dedicated to conserving the earth’s natural and cultural resources through providing users the opportunities, through conferences and grants, to share and collaborate on conservation projects. SCGIS stresses community in its goals and hopes to make a difference in the world by bringing conservationists together to use GIS.

Winners of the International Conservation Mapping Competition Announced

Sponsored by Esri and the Society of Conservation GIS, the International Conservation Mapping Competition was created to acknowledge those involved in conservation initiatives. A grand prize of $5,000 was awarded and each of the five first-place categories received $1,000.

Grand Prize

Andrew DiMatteo, Duke University, US—Worldwide Green Turtle Nesting Sites 2011

Most Innovative

Brad Stratton, The Nature Conservancy, US—The Land Protection History of The Nature Conservancy in New York

Greatest Social Impact

Christopher Walter, Cascade Land Conservancy, US—Urban Forest Restoration Sites

Best Use of Science (shared first place)

Karin Bodtker, Living Oceans Society, Canada—Sea Lice on Juvenile Pink and Chum Salmon in BC
Adam Dixon, World Wildlife Fund, US—Planning for Conservation in the Ruvuma Landscape

Best Traditional Cartography

Larry Orman, GreenInfo Network, US—What We've Accomplished in Martis Valley

Best Interactive Web Map

Andrew Cottam, World Conservation Monitoring Centre, UK—African Pygmy Goose

A downloadable version of the Conservation GIS Map Book, which includes prize-winning entries, will be available after July 15, 2011.

Other contest entries will be displayed at the Esri International User Conference, July 11–15, 2011, in San Diego, California.

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