GIS for Defense and Intelligence

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Defense is a major business operation that manages a broad range of Installations and Environment (I & E), often with large landholdings. With operations similar to a small city, GIS plays a key role in such diverse activities as facility management, logistics, resource planning, environmental analysis, and utility management.

With decreasing budgets and increasing responsibilities, GIS permits the stewards of military facilities to forge a new strategy of enterprise cooperation throughout their community of interest. GIS cuts across many disciplines in installation and environmental management. It permits geospatial data associated with installations and environment to be shared at the workgroup, installation, regional, and national levels, providing a common operational picture of the defense infrastructure.

Featured Solutions

Maximo Spatial Asset Management from IBM enables users to capture, analyze, and display assets, locations, and work orders. IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management allows asset managers to visualize the spatial relationships among managed assets and other mapped features.

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