GIS for Defense and Intelligence

Tracking Solutions

Tracking Server
Tracking Server displays how features move over time.

GIS Tools for Defense

Esri's tracking solutions allow you to integrate, model, analyze, and distribute real-time data feeds from a variety of sources such as unattended ground movement sensors and chemical-biological sensors.

ArcGIS Tracking Analyst

The ArcGIS Tracking Analyst extension lets you view and analyze temporal or time-related data in a common operational picture (COP). You can use ArcGIS Tracking Analyst to track assets (such as vehicles, units, and personnel), monitor various sensors, analyze temporal data, and play back events for after-action reviews.

Tracking Server

Tracking Server is an enterprise server solution that lets you centrally manage and distribute temporal data. You can use Tracking Server to set triggers for incoming data, log data in to ArcGIS for Server and your RDBMS, and assemble and publish multiple data feeds to ArcGIS Tracking Analyst or Web clients.

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