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Planning, operating, and sustaining educational institutions is complex. Whether a higher education campus or a K-12 school district, the work is multifaceted. Demographic analysis, campus operations, transportation, facilities management, safety, master planning, and stakeholder communications are among the tasks. While often unseen, all of these fixed and moving parts have locations, a geography.

By integrating key data and systems with Esri GIS for a location-based perspective, administrators better see and serve their campuses and the people connected to them. To learn more, contact us at

"At the heart of all of this decision making, investment, [and] asset management is data that we can manage, report, manipulate, and visualize through GIS."

Brian Swanson, Assistant Vice President and CFO, University Services, University of Minnesota



Designing, operating, and sustaining school district buildings and grounds are high priorities. Learn how smart mapping supports facilities management.


Understanding the dynamic flow throughout district facilities is essential in developing effective school safety programs. GIS is the key.


Developing facility lifecycle programs, grounds maintenance, and safety initiatives are faster and more accurate when your data is geospatially enabled.


ArcGIS for Desktop

ArcGIS for Desktop provides education administrators with powerful data visualization, analysis, and integration capabilities that are being applied in administration areas of all kinds, including demographic planning, transportation, facilities management, and safety programs.

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ArcGIS for Server

With ArcGIS for Server, education users easily create and share geospatial data and maps throughout their internal network to collaboratively develop and implement plans. Likewise, web access to key outputs supports other stakeholders including parents, students, and the community.

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Esri Location Analytics

Esri Location Analytics makes it easy to geo-enable education business data with intuitive mapping and analysis capabilities. Whether for site analysis, enrollment planning or other tasks, Esri’s cloud-based tools and rich demographic, socio-economic and lifestyle data lead to better decisions.

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