GIS answers the “what-if” questions.

GIS has changed how scientists and scholars conduct and communicate their research findings. The ArcGIS platform makes it easy to observe and interpret geospatial relationships, patterns, and trends. It supports large, multidimensional datasets across a broad array of fields, which improves our understanding of the natural and physical world. Whether your work is in earth science, climate change, or engineering, ArcGIS has tools and programs crafted specifically for your research.

"With ArcGIS, I can manage large datasets from multiple formats, execute multivariate statistical analysis for regional areas, and perform research analysis more quickly."

Kar'retta Venable, Research Assistant, Howard University



Observe, analyze, and communicate relationships, patterns, and trends between complex and seemingly unrelated geospatial datasets.


Easily share data, analyses, and derived knowledge for increased collaboration between researchers across academic disciplines.


Improve our understanding of the natural and physical world by expanding your analysis of place-based knowledge.


Educational Site License

Get access to the full ArcGIS platform with an Esri Educational Site License. A site license is an institution-wide agreement that comes with software, web courses, technical support, and Esri User Conference passes. It provides great value, making GIS widely available for teaching, research, and campus administration.

Learn more about the Esri Educational Site License.

ArcGIS for Desktop

Collect, manage, and map your data with ArcGIS for Desktop. Then, create apps and visualize information in new ways with other components of the ArcGIS platform for insightful research and analysis.

Learn more about ArcGIS for Desktop.

ArcGIS Online

With easy access to extensive online content and ready-to-use apps, you can immediately realize the power that geospatial analysis brings to scientific investigation. Analyze spatial relationships, determine patterns, share findings, and publish your newly discovered results.

Learn more about ArcGIS Online.

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