Enterprise Agreements (EA)

Common Questions

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What is an EA?
Who is eligible?
What are the greatest benefits of an EA?
My department is expanding, will an EA help?
Will an EA help me integrate my GIS with ERP?
I'm a larger organization; do you have a program for me?
I'm a smaller organization; do you have a program for me?
I'm unsure of where I fit, can you help?
I'm new to Esri products; will an EA work with my organization?
If I am not an Esri customer, is my organization eligible for an EA program?
What happens if my organization has affiliates?
Is the 3 year term negotiable?
What happens after my term limit is up?
Is maintenance included?
What areas are of support are covered?
How are upgrades and patches delivered?
How is technical support handled within an EA?
I'm interested, what do I do next?

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