GIS for Elections and Redistricting

Engaging Citizens

El Mundo Newspaper
In Madrid, El Mundo Newspaper Uses Esri Technology to Map Election Results

Video Demos
Learn how Esri’s application templates can help you.

Easy access to poll information leads to higher voter turnout. The same is true with many aspects of elections: give citizen easy-to-use tools and they will become more involved everything from redistricting to watching the returns roll in.

States, counties, cities, and the media are increasingly leveraging GIS to create compelling applications that:

  • Help voters find their way to the polls on election day through searchable maps such as those built from Esri's Election Polling Places application template, offering poll locations, voting hours, driving directions, and other details
  • Share election results in real time on interactive maps, either custom-built or leveragingEsri’s Election Results Viewer application template
  • Open the redistricting process to the public by providing tools to create, propose, and evaluate redistricting plans
  • Give citizens year-round access to information on elected officials, voter registration, and precincts

Success Stories

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