GIS for Elections and Redistricting

Managing Elections

Creating Reports and Intelligent Maps with GIS


Preparing for and holding elections are some of the most geo-centric activities governments perform, making geospatial technology critical to their success. With the trend toward more open and transparent government, today’s election duties also involve efforts to engage citizens in the process.

GIS brings efficiency and accuracy to every step of the internal elections cycle:

  • Registering voters and managing voter data, including geocoded information
  • Providing easy access to information on elected officials and precincts throughout the year
  • Redrawing boundaries, enabling public redistricting input, and disclosing precinct maps along with relevant demographic data
  • Determining optimal polling locations and publicizing poll and precinct information
  • Coordinating with precincts on election day
  • Delivering election results, including real-time, temporal displays
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